I’m Barbara McLaughlin, a Bay Area native who is somehow keeping up with this crazy thing called life. Family and business occupy much of my time, but I do my best to keep my curiosity, creativity, strong relationships, and spiritual presence alive and well along the way. I love chocolate, whipped cream, new places, and quiet time. These are my journeys!

Barbara McLaughlin grandson Riley

Journeys and More

Life’s journey is like a bicycle wheel. It keeps rolling forward while life’s events and challenges hop on and off, filling the spaces between its spokes. Visit my blog to see what fills the spaces in my wheel.

Barbara McLaughlin Heaven's Wait wista

Heaven's Wait

The fantasy fiction world of Heaven’s Wait is a creative project that has kept me entranced for well over a decade. Its quirky inhabitants and their stories are my passion. Here’s what it’s all about.

Barbara McLaughlin's potato leek soup with fish and caprese

Mama Galuchi's Kitchen

I love to be creative in the kitchen. With great ingredients at hand, especially those from our own garden, I love to concoct new and imaginative dishes. I never follow a recipe ‘exactly’.