It was early morning in the mountains on this ordinary day. It was still outside as the pastel hues of sunrise seeped into the sky to better define the mountains’ imposing structures. There were no sounds except the slight ringing in my ears. Though it was a late summer morn, it was rather chilly inside. I was cozied into a fluffy white robe that wasn’t quite keeping me as warm as I would have liked to be. The temperature outside was at least in the 40’s. My kitty Belle was curled up in the corner of the loft where I write. Hubby was rustling in the bedroom behind me.

It had been a busy and emotional summer. Aside from facilitating a major re-imaging project for our family business, I was caught up in a whirlwind of care giving from several directions, which left me no down time or breathing space. The work project was quite interesting and motivating. The care giving was necessary, and I was especially honored to do all I could for our dear kitty Bubba who, so sadly, lost his three month battle with a deadly illness. But all of the care giving collided, and I found myself bouncing from one situation to another with no time for a break.

I had fought the idea of coming to the mountains for a break. It seemed that packing, traveling, and dealing with maintenance chores there would add even more to my never-ending to-do list. I was more inclined to stay home and dive further into the work projects, which were at least stimulating and positive in nature. Once I was there, however, I was reminded that time away is of great value. A change of scene, a breath of different air, a change of pace, and even a different kind of chore were so good for the soul. It was easier to reflect, to relax, to re-energize when I had a chance to see where I’d been from a different perspective. I was also reminded that those mountains are always there for me when I need them as my go-to place to breathe. I hope everyone takes occasional time to retreat to a breathing place.


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