Many years ago, I had an idea to write a keepsake collection of fantasy life-lesson tales for my family. Concepts for stories swirled through my mind, accompanied by music and colorful, animated settings. As I dug further into my crazy idea, I found myself not only writing in earnest, but also composing music and creating graphic illustrations of the blossoming characters and their surroundings. The characters took on lives of their own, and I eventually realized that the tales were morphing into a series of novels. I decided to let the journey take me down creative side paths, where learning opportunities abounded and unexpected joy flourished. Today, two books in the series are published, and my little fantasy world of Heaven’s Wait continues to expand. New stories and characters are itching to make their appearance. I guess I’d better get to work.

Mok Fog Bob, main Heaven's Wait character

The Characters

My world of Heaven’s Wait revolves around a quirky community of characters called the Vowellans. They are innocent to the ways of their world outside of their isolated town of Vowella. The five unique “clans” of Vowella evolved from their traits that happened to follow the five short vowel sounds of the English language. See more.

Heaven's Wait Book 1 cover illustration

The Books

No one is more amazed than me that the quirky, beloved characters that lived inside my head for so long are now immortalized in book form. RJ’S STORY and INNOCENTS, the first two books of my first book series, Heaven’s Wait! Tales from Vowella, are now available online. See more.

Graphic design of Lake Marie, Heaven's Wait

The Back Story

Creating Heaven’s Wait was such an evolutionary process, filled with sentiment, crazy ideas, and diligence. I started with limited writing skills, better than average technological skills, and a determination to make my ideas come to life. Here’s how Heaven’s Wait evolved. See more.